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File Download Manager for Joomla

Get the most powerful yet easiest file manager for Joomla. Manage all your files and categories from your favorite editor. 

Create a file category, drag'n drop your files then insert category or a single file directly in your article. Dropfiles brings you a lot of professional features to manage files: 1 click ordering, 4 responsive themes, advanced search and filtering, Download statistics, file backup and much more! Using it with file restriction access? Native Joomla access level can be applied in one click. Working in all editors, backend and frontend. Perfect to work fast. Easy for final users.


File Manager Themes: 4 Themes Included

Four themes are included in the plugin but there's not just themes! They change the way you make your files available to your users. The themes included are standard file listing, Google Drive like, Table, and Accordion file tree. The system is also extremely flexible because you can apply a theme per category of files if you want.

A Design That Fit Your Theme

Usually when you add an extension to your Joomla website, what follows is an arduous process to apply a design that fits your Joomla template. This won't be the case anymore as you can apply your colors with a color picker and display or hide the file info that you want. Furthermore, the extension comes with the possibility to create an override theme in one click.

Flexible and Advanced File Search Engine

Managing a massive amount of files goes with a powerful search engine. This is included in the plugin and in addition, you can generate multiple and custom search engines with filters like:

  • Full text search in documents (in word, pdf...) with auto-index of new documents on upload
  • Category of files filtering
  • File tag system displayed as checkbox or predictive search filters
  • Date of creation range filter
  • Date of update range filter
  • File preview in search results
  • File ordering by type, date, category on column title click

File Access Full Control

When you manage files, you will always need to setup file access for users and it's always complex to do so. In Dropfiles, we've used Joomla native ACL in a smart way.
Manage file visibility with a single click from the category or from the file and define file management rules based on actions (who is allowed to update, delete, edit, edit own files or even download it). Furthermore, it's possible to restrict the access to a file or a file category to a selection of Joomla users.

Frontend File Manager

Dropfiles got dedicated features for the frontend file management. You can setup a dedicated menu to manage files from frontend that respects the user access and add a predefined upload form. Plus you got a frontend dedicated template for a comfortable file management


Import existing files

If you already have files on your server or if it's faster for you to send files through FTP, the file importer is for you. Select a file category on the left, make a file selection on the right and click on the import button, done your files are in Joomla.

One click update and file versioning

Our Joomla file manager has got amazing features for final users. You can update (or replace) an existing file in one click while you keep a backup of the old file version. Of course the old version can be restored in one click too.

File Download Statistics

A download statistics advanced dashboard is available from the Joomla admin (additionally to the Google Analytics event tracker). You can create your statistics graph and detailed view using filters: file category, single file selection, date range of the download.

Email Notification Based on Actions on Files

A fully editable Email notification system is available when a user apply some action on files. You can notify file owner, file category owner, Joomla admin and add custom Email for notifications. Email notification can be activated on:

  • New file upload
  • File edition
  • File removal
  • File information edition
  • File is downloaded

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